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Feasibility Analysis & Studies

Feasibility Studies & Analysis

After the inception of a project idea, there are critical questions that need answering, and planning that is necessary (on both a technical and non-technical level), before proceeding any further. No one understands your operations, requirements, and vision as well as you; We work closely with you and attain the right information to devise a plan and strategy and assist you in making the correct decisions early on.

We take into account possible questions such as cost, schedule, life-cycle, technical feasibility, and local labour and code, etc. to evaluate your project’s potential for success and chart the best path forward. Our feasibility studies identify any significant risks facing your project, consider all viable options for achieving your project’s objectives, and consider alternative project scopes in order to provide you the best value solution. No matter the project size, we apply the same principals and philosophy to all projects to attain the best outcomes.


Feasibility Analysis & Studies

Service Examples:

  • Code Analysis & Consulting
  • Project specification
  • Technical Feasibility (Link to technical Analysis)
  • Concept development & Layouts
  • Project evaluation and conceptual process studies
  • Capital & Operating cost estimation


Typical Deliverables:

  • Tender Drawings
  • Budgeting & Scheduling reports
  • Preliminary general arrangement drawings
  • Equipment and component schedules
  • Procurement & sourcing plan