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Material Handling & Conveyance

We provide custom designed and off-shelf material handling, storage, and sorting solutions for an array of industries and facilities, including pulp & paper, aggregates, gypsum, packages and baggage.


  • Planning & Feasibility
  • Detailed Design of:
    – Conveyor systems
    – Stockpiling and reclaiming systems
    – Chutes, Hoppers, and Silos
    – Train loading & unloading stations
    – Ship loading and unloading/receiving
    – Baggage/package conveyance systems
  • Equipment selection & retrofit
  • Design of support & access structure


Examples of Work:

  • Recycled Steel conveyance & sorting system
  • Airport baggage conveyor belts & chutes
  • Gypsum transfer & mixing station
  • Steel billet conveyance and rolling mill
  • Aggregate transfer & loading station
  • Sawmill log processing