Get to know the people behind your projects

Afshin Zanganeh,

Afshin is a senior Mechanical Engineering and has more than 25 years of experience in light and heavy industries. He specializes in piping and tanks, but also industrial ventilation systems. He’s experience has entailed mechanical systems and equipment in heavy industrial plants, from design through to manufacturing, construction, and commissioning. Afshin has international experience, having worked on projects in North and South America, China, and the Middle East in both engineering and construction.

Overall, Afshin’s goal is to deliver excellent engineering leadership and value added solutions through interactive team work, keeping safety at the forefront, and taking a sustainable design approach. He greatly enjoys mentoring and leading the team of Mechanical Designers at Enginuity, contributing to the elevation of the team’s skills and capabilities.

Alex Osborne,

Alex is often the face of Enginuity when you’re talking to us about starting a new project. His role is to understand the client’s business and project needs, and walk clients through the services and solutions that will help achieve their objectives. To Alex, delivering great client service means being authentic, communicating well, and treating every person as a valued partner, not just a transaction. In the grand scheme of things, Alex sees helping businesses to succeed as the first step to helping to grow our local economy and more job opportunities.

Anca Banciu,

Anca has a deep passion for continuous learning, problem solving, and tackling new challenges. She originally studied Science (biology and chemistry) at UBC, then quickly realized she enjoyed working with people more than working with chemicals. She gained experience working at a start-up and found her strength in coordinating different aspects of a business and being an agile problem solver.

At Enginuity, Anca’s focus is on organizational development — creating, implementing, and improving systems and procedures to keep production running smoothly. She manages human resources, community organizational improvement initiatives, finance, and Organizational Development to support the company’s overall strategic goals.

Assad Abdulwahab,

Assad is a Mechanical Engineering Designer at Enginuity who supports on many projects. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and over 4 years of experience in designing and drafting of mechanical systems and facilities. His experience in consulting and industrial sectors has shaped his approach to critical problem solving for clients and delivering a high quality of results. What Assad values most is honesty, hard work, and having a genuine care for the people he works with.

Chuang Zhang,

With 8 years of Mechanical Engineering experience, Chuang has developed expertise in a wide variety of industries and disciplines, including power plant engineering, IQF food processing, marine industry, mechanical system and components’ design. He has mastered the art of uncovering project needs for different types of clients and their unique challenges. Chuang’s role is to interface between Project Managers, team members, contractors, and clients, to accomplish projects successfully. The most exciting part of the role for Chuang is that he is continuously exposed to new challenges and never limited to one specific engineering discipline.

Daniel Chitsaz,

Daniel is an engineering consulting professional  with over a decade of experience in consulting for facility expansion and maintenance projects, specializing in development of project plans and execution strategies, multi-disciplinary project integration, and service delivery.

Daniel currently focuses on identifying opportunities for strategic project delivery and execution models. He is often working closely with clients during the early stages of projects to formulate tangible plans and methodologies, offer problem solving, project scoping, and consultation. He leverages his diverse expertise in industrial, high tech, and manufacturing sectors.

His methodology for client focused services starts with understanding the unique challenges for the client, corporate culture, needs, objectives, and essentially “getting” what is most important to you. His ultimate goal is to make you and the project succeed!

Fero Assadi,

Fero Assadi is a mechanical engineer and project management specialist with over 15 years’ experience in municipal, construction, heavy industrial facilities involved in maintenance, asset management, and upgrades, expansion projects.

As Manager of Projects, Fero connects with clients to ensure their real needs are realized and met by the Enginuity team. Fero’s expertise comes from several years in the oil and gas industry, followed by several consulting and technical project management roles. His expertise lies in project management, field engineering, tendering and procurement, and industrial equipment installation.

His approach to effective Project Management centres around delivering the most positive experience possible for clients — ensuring objectives are met, with no surprises, and having a good time along the way. His goal is for all clients to feel like they have someone in their corner, and someone they trust to have their best interests at heart. Fero loves solving the chaos of projects with the order and clarity of engineering consulting.

Gaddiel Lechuga,

Gaddiel takes a solution-focused approach to assisting with technical coordination, production, and monitoring of layout engineering studies. He got his start in the construction industry, then pursued formal architectural education, and worked his way up to leadership positions. With 15 years of design experience, Gaddiel handles multi-disciplinary development projects from initial concept to completion, and is an expert in schematic design and construction documents on CAD.

What he loves most about his work is that he gets to collaborate with a wide range of minds and leverage his creativity and passion to deliver functional spaces for people.

Gianni Vulcano,

As a Project Engineer, Gianni bridges the gap between Engineering and Project Management, ensuring the various teams maintain on budget, on schedule, and meet technical requirements. He is always considering all stakeholders involved and how to deliver the best results. Gianni is a lifelong learner and has a broad range of experience in manufacturing, mineral processing, and switchgear design, making him a great fit for Enginuity, a firm that services a diverse range of industries.

The lifecycle of an engineering project can contain many twists, turns and unforeseen obstacles. Gianni strives to provide clients with confidence that these obstacles are being anticipated and are dealt with in a manner that creates minimal impact on the project’s timeline and budget.

Hamid Talasaz,

Hamid manages design layouts of new structural components, performs structural analysis, and does calculations and analysis as a Structural Designer. His approach is to always critically consider how to craft a design that will best benefit the client, while meeting the high safety requirements and standards that Enginuity follows. Hamid enjoys the challenge of studying, researching, and collaborating to come up with the perfect design for each client — and the support that the Enginuity team provides to bolster his learning and growth.

Hamid has a formal education in civil/structural engineering and several years of experience in the oil and gas industry with large scale projects, where he leverages his engineering degree and design skills to deliver solutions.

Hossein Shahkaram,

Hossein has 20 years of industry experience, functioning as a structural and civil engineer for various industries such as power generation and transmission, Substations, material handling,, telecommunication, and the oil and gas industry. His expertise lies in steel and concrete structures, seismic designs, foundation designs, civil engineering, and performance analysis.

As the Structural Engineering Manager,, he oversees civil and structural activities within the firm and functions as engineer of record on challenging projects. He enjoys the diversity of projects he works on. Hossein strives to leverage the Enginuity values of critical thinking and resourcefulness to succeed in delivery of reliable and value added solutions.

John Bekkers,

John focuses on finding new opportunities that would be a great fit for Enginuity and communicating with clients to understand their unique project needs and offer potential solutions. He likes getting to know people on a deeper level and making genuine connections that turn into long-term relationships. John’s greatest personal value is honesty — he would rather tell the truth and bear the pain, than tell an untruth and damage a meaningful relationship. His ultimate goal is to provide clients with resolutions that they are truly happy with.

Jordan Austin,

Jordan interfaces between clients, contractors, and the internal team at Enginuity to ensure that all parties have the information and resources they need, and that projects move forward to successful close-out. He has a multi-disciplinary background, having worked in several different industrial sectors. Project Coordination allows Jordan to leverage his broad knowledge and expertise to help many different clients. When you see Jordan, you’ll usually find him smiling! He always tries to approach work with the mindset that “cheerfulness is contagious”.

Kyle Anderson,

Kyle Anderson has a process Engineering background functioning as a Project Engineer with over 5 years of experience in project management of small to intermediate sized CAPEX/OPEX projects in various industries, including ports, terminals, waste water, food production and pharmaceuticals. In 2020, Kyle’s career highlight included acting as Owners Representative for a Design-Build project to construct a new facility expansion project for an aseptic Compounding Pharmacy to increase the production and quality control systems of life saving chemotherapy drugs.

Kyle specializes in developing practical solutions for engineering obstacles by better understanding User Requirements to be incorporated into the project design intention. His extensive experience managing construction projects throughout the United States and Canada is invaluable for interdisciplinary projects with tight schedules and/or budgets.

Leah Kumagai

Leah supports the Enginuity team with financial and operations management. You’ll come to learn that Leah schedules almost every minute of her day, and finds joy in checking items off her to-do list! But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate the flexibility and agility of the work at Enginuity — she sees it as an opportunity to constantly learn, which she loves. Around the office, Leah strives to leave a positive impression on every situation and individual. Make sure to say hello!

Mehdi Hamidi,

Mr. Mehdi Hamidi, P.Eng., is a Mechanical Engineer who has worked more than 29 years in the industry. Mehdi has vast experience in building HVAC, plumbing, clean space design, building energy modelling, industrial ventilation, energy use, and thermofluids. He also has significant experience and expertise in pipelines, oil desalination plants, flare lines, offsite and interconnection. He currently supports Enginuity with various mechanical consulting activities.

Nima Atabaki,

Dr. Atabaki is a Mechanical Engineer specializing in design of thermofluid and energy systems with significant industry experience to balance his academic career. He specializes in energy management and analysis, clean room design, ventilation, thermal, clean energy, and other mechanical systems. He is also a faculty member at the University of British Columbia (UBC) as professor of thermofluids. He obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University, with research in loop heat pipes, heat pipes, HVAC, thermal systems, clean energy and energy conversion.

Ricardo Rivera,

Ricardo Rivera is a mechanical engineer with more than 8 years of work experience in multi-disciplinary project engineering and management of heavy industrial projects, from the concept and planning, through to execution and start-up.

Ricardo has always been fascinated by understanding how things work and how to fix different types of problems. Naturally, mechanical engineering checked all the boxes for Ricardo. He also enjoys that his role as Project Coordinator pushes him to adapt to new situations and learn about new topics regularly.

Ricardo navigates and oversees projects to ensure they achieve goals and meet client expectations, through preparing, scheduling, coordinating and monitoring engineering projects. He specializes in quality control, helping clients to understand progress reports, and initiating project solutions that mitigate risks. Additionally, he has expertise in project management, field and site coordination, bulk material handling and facilities, project controls, and custom design of industrial equipment. Ricardo’s approach to making your project successful is to have continuous communication with the team, and making himself available to help as much as possible.

Ryan Knill,

Ryan has over a decade of building his expertise in the Heavy Industrial and Ventilation industries, and has been a key contributor on multiple $500+ million energy, port and terminal, and commerical projects.

Ryan has a natural drive and determination to ensure the goals of those he works with are accomplished, using a consultative approach that focuses on fully understanding the client and their needs before providing solutions. This lends itself well to his role in Project Development where he collaborates with clients in the early stages of the project lifecycle. With a solid foundation in multi-diciplinary engineering and exceptional project management and client relationship skills, Ryan is well qualified to act as an extension of his client’s project team.

His passion for creativity, teamwork, and continuous learning drives innovation and elevates those around him to achieve their best.

Shadi Sobhani,

Shadi’s fascination with mathematics and physics, and a desire to help solve problems and produce tangible results, led her to the field of Mechanical Engineering. She is experienced in different sectors such as ceramic sanitary-ware design, offshore oil piping, custom glass hardware design, being part of a global manufacturing team for an international experimental physics exploration, and fire protection systems design.

As a Mechanical Designer at Enginuity, Shadi works closely within Enginuity’s dynamic engineering team on a wide variety of industrial projects. She is highly detail-oriented with an exceptional ability to collect and analyze information. She loves that every project has its unique challenges, giving her the opportunity to continuously learn, grow, and develop her skill sets. Shadi has technical expertise in AutoCAD, Revit MEP, NavisWorks Manage, HydraCAD, and SolidWorks.

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Are you interested in flexing your creative problem solving skills? Expanding your knowledge in a wide variety of sectors? Seeing design ideas and concepts come to life? We are looking for more planners, critical thinkers, and solution makers to join our team.

To meet the growing demand of the market, the team at Enginuity is expanding rapidly. We are actively recruiting for a number of positions in Project Management, Consulting, and Engineering.

Enginuity Core Values

Our values are the guardrails by which our team operates on a daily basis and achieves our desired impact of better facilities, better workplaces, happier customers, and a better world. We believe wholeheartedly that living by these core values helps us to succeed — internally with operational excellence and team fulfillment, and externally with exceptional project results. We seek out team members, partners, and clients, that align with our core values.