Ports & Terminals

Being situated on the coast and close to the largest port in Canada, we serve a large number of clients on both coasts as well as strategic locations in the interior with barge and rail access. We serve and support most ports and terminals with their capital expansion, as well as their on-going maintenance and operational projects.

Faced with challenging seismic demands, corrosive environments, and less than ideal geotechnical conditions, we have completed several successful Port and Terminal projects. Our teams of multi-disciplinary engineers and project specialists have worked with the following type of ports and terminals:

  • Bulk Liquid & Solids
  • Coal, Sulphur, Fibres
  • Bulk Liquids (Chemicals, Hydrocarbons)
  • Grains, Agricultural, & Food
  • Aggregates & Queries
  • Fibers, Wood, and Hog
  • Barge Facilities
  • Container & Intermodal Terminals

Port Facility Expertise

Our team has accrued the following experiences & expertise in working with our clients on the ports:

  • Marine Structures (Wharves, Jetties, Berths, Trestles, and moorings)
  • Bulk Material Loading, Unloading, & storage
  • Ship loading & Unloading (Bulk & Liquids)
  • Railcar Loading/Unloading
  • Liquid Handling & Storage
  • Dust Control & Aspiration
  • Plant Ancillary & Utility Systems
  • Shoreline Reparations

Our Services for Ports & Terminals

We offer our clients a variety of services ranging from maintenance, operations, and capital projects by applying our integrated design-bid-build and construction management model.

  • Port Facility Planning & Feasibility studies
  • Seismic Risk Assessments
  • Shoreline Assessments
  • Expansions & Increased Capacity – Loading/Unloading, storage, etc.
  • Permits & Liaison with Port Authorities
  • Asset Reliability Assessments & Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Owner Representation & Stakeholder management
  • Inspections & Rehabilitation – Structural, Underwater, Mechanical, Civil, & Geotechnical

Clients Served

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