Balance of Plant

Team of planners

The diverse range of experience of our team and integrated EPCM approach, integrated with our corporate value on collaboration and integration has been a recipe to provide Balance of Plant services. These are often projects where large capital projects with process specialization are being addressed by an existing team, or an EPC firm has taken care of the primary plant, but there still remains balance of plant, scopes, or gaps that need to be addressed, such as the following scenarios:

  • EPC or GC supply of plant, where contracts do not encompass various required plant elements
  • Primary supplier (contractor, vendor, etc.) lacks expertise for, or does not provide the complete extent of offerings required
  • “Out of Scope” / “Change orders” from contracts deemed unreasonable

It is often not economically, contractually, or technically viable to address these with the existing parties involved or the contracts in place. Enginuity’s collaborative, flexible, yet cohesive solution offerings provide an ideal opportunity to fill in the gaps and provide solutions to “balance” the remaining project’s scopes and services. We often provide our BOP solutions as followed:

  • Supply of EPCM services within defined battery limits and demarcations
  • Provide a specific service or solution, project wide, within other’s battery limits
  • Provide of Plant Ancillary systems and facilities

Examples of such services are as followed:

  • Plant utility services (Boilers, Compressed Air, Dust Collection, etc.
  • Supply of Plant Fire loop and deluge systems and other fire fighting requirements
  • Supply of Laboratory and On-site testing facilities
  • Supply of Equipment Facilities and building upgrades to balance vendor’s equipment supply

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