Expansions & Upgrades

Are you looking to expand your operations and facility throughput? Are you looking for increased capacity, or an upgrade?

Expanding an existing facility is met with it’s own unique challenges, such as maintaining your operations and production during the expansion to keep up with your targets, construction limitations due to regulatory/code and technical constraints, or the limitation of space and the need to re-allocate and arrange space.

We have been involved in many facility expansion and alteration projects and developed a thorough understanding of the unique challenges and requirements to ensure a successful project.

Team of planners

Special Considerations & Expertise

  • Capacity Limitations – Every expansion project faces challenges due to lack of capacity that curtail the possibilities. We assess the capacities and limits of the existing facilities and engineer the required upgrades to meet your objectives
  • Operation Disruptions – Our project managers, consultants, and engineers will work with you to find solutions to minimize downtime
  • Code Complications – We assist with minimizing the need to upgrade to “today’s” code, and where possible, grandfather the code from the original facility date.

Specific Services

  • Layout & process design
  • Code Consulting
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Vendor & Equipment Selection
  • Capacity checks on existing
  • Gap analysis on required upgrades
  • Surveying of existing plant, facilities, and equipment
  • Debottlenecking of processes and utilities to meet expansion needs
  • Permits with authorities having Jurisdiction
  • Facility Upgrades – Power, Ventilation, Building, Utilities, Sewage, Effluent, treatment, etc.
  • Facility Design & Engineering 
  • Project Management – From tendering through to construction, relocation, and commissioning

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Team of planners

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