Dust Collection & Ventilation

Dust Collection & Ventilation systems are found in all sectors and industries that we work with. From processes and equipment requiring collection and ventilation, capturing of hazardous fumes for human safety, or the need for controlled environments, ventilation systems are the cornerstone of the manufacturing, transport industries, processing, or health sectors.

Our engineers design collection & ventilation systems to work in conjunction with building systems, ensure synergy with HVAC ensures operational cost savings, human comfort, and optimal overall performance.

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Industrial Dust Management & Collection

Our industrial dust collection team of engineers & designers have experience in the following plants:

  • Bulk Terminals (Grains, Flour, Sulphur, Coal, Sugars)
  • Manufacturing Plants (Sawmills, Wood Processing, Pulp/Paper, Chemicals, Mills, Industrial, Agrifood, Food Processing)
  • Aggregate Plants
  • Mines

Our expertise extends to the following systems to handle dusts & powders, including combustible dusts:

  • Aspiration Systems
  • Design of dust collectors, baghouses, cyclones, sprays, ducting systems
  • Fire Explosion Protection (C1D1 & C2D1)
  • Dust Mitigation & Control plans
  • Passive Dust mitigation systems
  • Pneumatic Conveyance Systems
  • Shaft & underground Ventilation

Cleanrooms & Controlled Environments

Our ventilation team have provided controlled environments & cleanrooms for a number of different sectors with expertise in the following facilities:

  • Controlled Environments
  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
  • Laboratories
  • Food Industry & other GMP manufacturing facilities
  • Health Sectors
  • Cannabis Processing

Upon review and definition to your process and selection of equipment, we plan, develop concepts, provide detail design, and oversee procurement and construction through to validation of your controlled environments include the following:

  • Cleanroom Design (ISO 5-8)
  • Validation to required standards & requirements
  • Clean environment differential pressure design
  • Temperature & Humidity Controlled environments
  • Surgery Rooms
Team of planners

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