Working at enginuity

ImagineU@Enginuity – Where your career happens and we are the #1 Choice for our clients in delivering end to end solutions for their engineering needs

Quality of life

The Enginuity Difference

We are not like the big firms that hire and layoff for each big project. Rather we staff to the levels that we need and expand our team,as our business grows. At Enginuity you can have the career stability you are looking for, while we invest in you by providing lots of opportunity to connect, learn and grow.

  • Weekly 1 on 1’s
  • Quarterly Alignment Meetings
  • Performance Reviews
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Innovation Labs
  • Team Events / Outings
  • Competitive Benefits Program
  • Professional Development funding up to $2,000 per year
  • Matching RRSP Program
  • Flexible starting and ending Hours
  • Exciting and diverse projects to work on in different industries
  • Grow your skill set, by learning new systems, tools and software packages
  • Opportunity to write and publish articles and case study’s
  • Opportunities to attend or present at conferences
  • Working from home during Covid (for most positions)
  • Acting Opportunities – where you can fill your managers’ shoes and gain experience while they are on vacation

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At Enginuity you can have a long-term career whether that is as a Designer or the more technical path from Project Engineer to Senior Project Engineer to Project Manager.  We believe in promoting from within wherever possible and many of our staff have already been promoted into leadership positions.  As we are currently expanding, there will be multiple opportunities for career progression at Enginuity.

We believe in mentoring and coaching and we provide our employees’ regular feedback.  We do this so you know what you should keep doing, and what you may need development in.  We value diversity and inclusion and we have a team that speaks over seven different languages and have lived all over the world.  We also believe in supporting all genders and promote people on the basis, of performance. 

What we expect from you, what you can expect from us

Enginuity – Peformance Partnership Agreement

At Enginuity we hire talented people who we believe will be partners in growing the business, just like we are partners in growing your career.The following partnership agreement is all about how we want out culture to embody our values and enable you to know how we will support you in being successful in your career with us.

What we expect

You are Resourceful – you first try to learn on your own, when you have a problem, try to identify a solution and then ask for help

You are Passionate about Learning – you take accountability for continuous learning and map out your development plan to engage

You are a Critical Thinker that is always evaluating the Pros and Cons of options and are as a result confident in your decisions.

You are Professional – you stay abreast of best practices, and are viewed as an expert by your colleagues, your clients and are a brand ambassador for the company.

You are Respectful about Relationships with People – you care about your colleagues and work hard to ensure their success, and you have a burning passion to provide to highest level of service to our clients.

What can you expect

We listen to our employees’ ideas, and we support working with our employees to solve problems, or grasp opportunities as they arise.

We invest in your career just as much as you do. We support you by coaching, mentoring and providing funding for you to grow your career with us.

We openly challenge each other to develop the best ideas, and we encourage all employees to be confident in bringing their ideas to the table.

We offer a professional environment in which to operate in, with opportunities to learn from each other, and develop new ideas and innovation with access to the best tools to enable you to do you job.

We care about you as a whole person, and we help to ensure you have a balanced approach to work and family.

enginuity engineering consulting front office square view

Your Career Path

At Enginuity we believe in promoting from within, and have alredy promoted three staff into leadership positions this year alone. You can start out as a Designer, or as Junior Project Engineer, then onward and upward to a Project Engineer, Senior Project Engineer, Project Manager, Manager of Operations and VP of Operations as we grow. We are planning to expand and we believe if you want a long term career with us, you can grow your career with Enginuity.

We provide the training, coaching and mentoring you need to be successful, so ImagineU@Enginuity and apply for one of our career opportunities today!

We are a Covid Safe office, and we are following protocols to ensure our staff have the tools they need to do their job whether that is from home, or while they are in the office in a safe and productive manner, while focusing on creative ways and events to help our staff stay connected and engaged.