Feasibility Studies & Assessments

Whether you plan a greenfield (new) development, a brownfield (existing) expansion, alteration, or an upgrade project, you require key information concerning budgets, schedules, risks, and technicalities to meet your business and corporate objectives. Enginuity partners with it’s clients to develop strategic plans and define key parameters required for the viability and success of a project. We inform you and assist you in balancing costs, opportunities, and risks.

Enginuity undertakes feasibility studies to define these key parameters, and produces reports and deliverables that form key parts of the business cases being considered for approval.

Below are some of the aspects we consider at a feasibility stage and services we provide.


  • Project Consultation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • High level budgets
  • Site Selection
  • Execution Plans

Due Diligence Studies

  • Review of available services at location
  • Gap Analysis
  • Load calculations
  • Asset condition reviews
  • Future expansion considerations
  • Technical evaluations
  • Labour & trade requirements
  • Third party reviews
  • Trade of Studies

    Front End Design

    • Code compliance reviews
    • Performance Specification & Criteria
    • Concept Designs
    • Site & facility layouts
    • Construction & Design Specifications
    • Permitting Activities
    • Process flow concepts & diagrams
    • Design Basis Memorandums

    Cost Estimation

    • Capital cost estimates (Class 1 – 5)
    • Operational cost estimates
    • CAPEX vs. OPEX studies
    • Control Estimates
    • Cost validation & Claims resolution


    • Risk identification & assessment
    • Risk management plans
    • Risk mitigation plans
    • Risk audits
    • Contingency & Disaster response plans

    Project Charters & Plans

    • Project Scope development
    • Development of Work breakdown
      structures (Design & Execution)
    • Project Budgets & Estimates
    • Project Schedules
    • Risk management plans
    • Procurement plans

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