Laboratories & Biotech

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Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

From cosmetics & natural health products, medications and nutraceuticals, to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical device companies, Enginuity is well equipped to meet your process and building facility needs. Our team has experience with:

  • Cleanroom design (temperature, humidity control, ventilation)
  • Designing for Operational / Capital spend optimization
  • Cleanroom Design (ISO 5-8)
  • GMP/EudraLex/CSA/ISO standards
  • Hazards and emergency system design
  • Sourcing, Facilitation, and Commissioning of equipment
  • Material Handling and Storage (refrigeration, freezers, aseptic, process flow)
  • Material Process: aseptic, formulating, fermentation, cell cultures, chromatography, microfiltration, clean-in-place & sterilization, liquid, blending, cytotoxic handling
  • Packaging, Warehousing & Logistics
  • ‘Base Building’ Upgrades and Retrofits to meet process needs
  • Facilities Engineering – Electrical, Ventilation/HVAC, Compressed Air, Boilers, Effluent Treatment, Water, & Steam
  • Code consulting
  • Commissioning & Validation to ISO & other standards

Laboratory and R&D Facilities

We have extensive experience in the design of laboratory and research & development spaces whether that is a component of your facility or the bulk of your operations. Our experience spans a variety of areas including medical, pharmaceutical, food, live animal, geochemical, analytical, chemical, environmental, and material testing:

  • Lab, QA/QC Room Design
  • ‘Base Building’ Upgrades and Tenant Improvements to meet process needs
  • Facilities Engineering – New rooms/structures, Ventilation/Dust Control/HVAC, Gas supply tanks and piping, Compressed Air, Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Glycol,
    Compressed Air, Hydraulics, Effluent Treatment, Water, Steam, Electrical & Controls
  • Cleanroom design (temperature, humidity control, ventilation)
  • Ventilation, HVAC, air handling systems, dust collection 
  • Various lab standards such as GMP/EudraLex/CSA/ISO
  • Hazards and emergency system design\
  • Sourcing, Facilitation, and Commissioning of equipment
Team of planners
Mining - Geochem Testing Facilities Body

Geochemical Testing Facilities

We have developed unique geochemical testing solutions and facilities for both permanent, on-site, and portable testing facilities. Our design expertise of geochemical testing laboratory required by the mining industry includes the following:

  • Sample Preparation (Drying, Crushing, & Pulverizing)
  • Fire Assay (Fusion & Cupellation)
  • Wet-labs (Acid Digestion & separation)
  • Instrumentation Rooms
  • Supply of utilities, power, compressed air, cyanide detection, etc.
  • Dust Collection & Ventilation (lead dust, rock dust, acid fumes through efficient scrubbers and collectors)

We have designed unique solutions through utilization of containerized, modular designs to provide on-site, portable laboratory solutions; We have developed full capacity labs with assay, digestion, and instrumentation capacity that allows on-site testing, and functions as a mobile asset that can be deployed for other use. This solution is leveraged by both testing companies and mining facilities. Our solutions include:

  • Design to meet extreme remote, cold weather conditions
  • Fully pre-assembled for easy Transport & assembly on site, with minimal resources
  • Energy recovery methods and efficient design to reduce Opex
  • Full management of procurement & logistics to ensure deliver to remote locations on time

Cannabis Extraction & Processing

We have been developing expertise and serving the growing Cannabis Market. The growing, production, and processing of Cannabis and or Hemp-based products is an industry familiar to our team at Enginuity. We have worked on projects involving greenhouses through to extraction and packaging:

  • Greenhouses – Indoor/Outdoor
  • Grinding and pelletizing
  • Extraction loops with ethanol, CO2, hydrocarbon
  • Hazardous Area & Emergency System Design
  • Tanks, Silos, & storage of raw/process materials, liquids, solvents
  • Formulation labs
  • Rooms for blending, formulating, and packaging
  • Packaging and Warehousing
  • Permitting and Regulatory Compliance
  • Design to GMP/EudraLex/CSA/ISO standards
  • R&D research facilities
  • Lab and Testing Facilities design
Team of planners

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