Cargill Updates

Oct 8, 2020

Cargill Update: Safety Upgrades & Extending life of existing assets

Built in the late ’60s, Cargill’s North Vancouver Grain Terminal faces the same challenges of many other industrial plants built along Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet. With structures built to antiquated standards, harsh marine conditions, and a lack of available (or accurate) plant drawings and information; Trying to improve, or manage plant maintenance and reliability can be an overwhelming challenge. This is where Enginuity comes in. Through our on-going site-wide plant inspections we have been able to identify multiple opportunities for improvement to employee health and safety, plant structural service life, plant processes and environmental impact. We have devised facility rehabilitation and upgrade plans to extend the life of aging assets, such as the service life of their shipping gallery, as well providing plans and documentation for the facility process & aspiration systems.