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The Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant is one of Greater Vancouver area’s largest wastewater treatment facilities. It receives and treats wastewater from 14 municipalities across the Lower Mainland so that it can be safely released back into the Fraser River. Metro Vancouver is increasing the capacity of the current facility to meet the needs of area’s growing population and ensure it continues to protect public and the environment.

Enginuity worked in partnership with Prime Consultant, Brown & Caldwell to take lead in design of piping and liquid distribution systems. Working off of Process design, Enginuity rendered Mechanical & Structural of the systems. The work included design, and engineering of Digester Heat Exchanger Expansion processing piping, inclusive of EOR services for piping thermal performance, seismic restraints, supports, and stress analysis.


  • Client Consultation on BC design requirements/provisions
  • Thermal, Heat/Mass Balance, & Insulation design
  • Routing of pipe in co-ordination with various parties
  • Pipe stress & flexibility analysis
    • Thermal Stress
    • Hammer & Operational
  • Fabrication, Construction, & Installation Specs
    • Insulation
    • Pipe fabrication
    • Supports & Restraints
  • Engineering and design of piping support types & locations
  • Structural engineering and design of anchors & secondary support structures
  • Pre-construction field verification support


Enginuity performed the stress analysis and drafted the 3D isometric drawing for each piping line, including not only the piping support types and call-out locations, but also all piping elements based on the P&ID drawings. In this case, all element types and specifications are integrated into one set of drawings, which brings great value to post-construction field work by all parties.

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