Enginuity was selected as the preferred consultant to perform a full plant-wide inspection, assessment, and review of the structures throughout the plant. The scope of the work included finding both critical findings impacting safety and reliability of the operations, in addition to gauging expected service life and providing solutions to extend the potential service life left. Specific structures reviewed included Ship loading gallery, along with a variety of different grains from silos serviced on the land side by rail.  The location of the facility at a seaport triggered the requirement for regular inspection of the structures for corrosion.  EC conducted an in-depth review and provided the client with a detailed report which allowed the client to schedule repair/replacement on a basis which prioritized need and allowed the bulk of the work be undertaken by its own maintenance forces, in addition with design for execution of a full rehabilitation plan. Full report supported by photographs and calculations of all observable elements.  Necessary work prioritized from essential/immediate to maintain vigilant inspection and schedule repair and replacement as necessary.


  • Plant wide visual inspections and categorization of findings in order of priority
  • Delivery of solutions for rectification of simple items by in-house personnel
  • Development of an NDT test plan & management of NDT testing through third party with efficient delineation
  • Engineering design for reinforcement and rehabilitation of critical items to render operable and extend service life
  • Delivery of exaction sequence to reduce downtime and ensure quick execution by contractor
  • Contractor selection & management