EWOS Canada, Subsidiary of Cargill Corporation, is a trusted leader of fish feed and nutrition in North America and the Pacific Rim. Production volumes were quite small during the first decades, but since 1990 the annual sales volume of EWOS fish feed has grown at a compound rate of about 11% per year, peaking at more than 1.2 million tonnes of feed sales by volume in 2012.

The Surrey Facility has retained Enginuity Consulting as the prime consulting and engineering firm to lead major facility expansion and upgrades projects within a 5-year period.


Functioning as the prime consulting and Engineering firm, Enginuity has established itself as a key member of the expansion team with continual on-site support, making a powerful impact on EWOS’s growth, productivity and bottom lines by providing the following services:

  • Consulting and continual support to EWOS and Cargill Management
  • Feasibility Studies and expansion planning
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering, tender, and contract packages
  • Project scoping, tendering, and contractor management
  • Permitting and certification
  • Continual site and management support


The On-Site Engineers from Enginuity work directly with EWOS personnel as well as liaise work to the office for further technical support for completion of work at the office. Enginuity has taken the lead in the follow projects:

  • New Packaging Lines/Robotic Wrappers
  • Modified and Integrated Bulk Solid Distribution System
  • New Bulk Material Conveyance and Process Equipment
  • New Liquid Distribution System
  • Increased Receiving and Transferring Area
  • Increase HSE (Hazard, Safety, and Ergonomics)
  • New Storage Cylos


  • Prime Consultant:
    Enginuity brings value to EWOS by functioning as a single point multi-disciplinary engineering and management firm. Delegating work and managing trades and other professionals. Taking the lead from planning, through to design, installation, and commissioning mitigates risk and allows for scope control for the owner.
  • Reduce Owner Risk and Input:
    Rather than the owner’s management having to interface with multiple professional and trades firms, Enginuity functions as the key point of management, delegating work down the chain and reducing the load and input required from the owner, spanning from project planning through to commissioning and hand-off to operations.
  • Management Support:
    The owner’s staff get to put more of their focus on the core of their business operations, and enjoy the continual support provided by Enginuity staff through the projects in a number different levels, from expertise in tendering and bid awards, engineering and code expertise, through to interfacing with local authorities for obtaining permits.


EWOS (Subsidiary of Cargill Aquafeed)



Project Category:

Facility Expansion