L’hoist Plant Energy Efficiency Upgrades


L’hoist Canada’s production facility in Langley, BC is a major supplier of calcium quicklime, hydrated lime and other limestone products for much of Western Canada and the Northwestern United States. They service industries such as Agriculture, Pulp & Paper, Water Treatment, Construction and Mining. Integral to their process is Kiln Operations. This requires large inputs of energy and every inefficiency results in an increased carbon footprint and operations cost. As part of an effort to reduce emissions Enginuity was consulted to identify opportunities for improvement and quantify potential impact.

Through this project Enginuity was able to identify the Limestone Kiln as major opportunity for emissions reduction and energy savings. Enginuity was able to determine a potential energy savings of 1.89MWhr and GHG emissions reduction of 338.06 MT CO2 yielding various levels of payback for the upgrades. Leveraging our findings, L’hoist was able to obtain funding for their upgrades  through the BC Clean Industry Fund Grant program.


  • Thermal Data Collection & Monitoring with unique techniques
  • Thermal modeling & Energy Simulations
  • Calculation of green house gas emissions, energy consumption and thermal efficiency of the Kiln
  • Design & planning for execution of findings
  • Project cost estimation and payback period estimation
  • Analysis and Recommendations Report
  • Grant Application assistance


L’hoist will have lessened carbon foot prints and reduced operating costs, with better than average calculated ‘pay-back’ times for executing the project. With the help of Enginuity, L’hoist was awarded funding for the proposed energy efficiency upgrade through the BC Clean Industry Fund.

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