Instukem Hand Sanitizer Production Facility Expansion & Relocation


Instukem is a manufacturer of industrial cleaning agents, located in Montreal, QC. When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, hand sanitizer supplies became scarce and so Instukem stepped into to help pick up the slack. With there new business booming they were searching for a new facility to serve as a standalone hand sanitizer production facility.

As the key ingredient in most hand sanitizers (ethanol) is highly flammable, there are many special considerations to be made when determining how to best offload, store, handle, dispense, process, packaging, and ship product. Additionally, as a product used in hospitals quality control is of utmost importance and special care needs to be taken at all levels of production and compliance to health and quality regulations is imperative. As a Consultant, Enginuity provided recommendations for facility selection, code consultation, equipment procurement, ventilation requirements, fire protection requirements, plant layout, process equipment selection and much more.


  • Code Review & Consulting for compliance
  • Consulting Building Selection
  • Consulting on Equipment Selection
  • Process & Facility design
  • Fire protection and other safety requirements