SGS Canada Inc. is the world’s leading mineral and metallurgy testing company. With the aim to develop and produce a top class portable mineral testing laboratory to support, Enginuity was awarded the project to provide a working solution and deliver a functioning unit.

The portable laboratory was meant as an on-site testing facility to service mining project as they progress to production by providing geochemical and metallurgical data, prior to being shipped to serve other mines around the globe. Code named MSPU (Mobile Sample Preparation Unit), the units were required to operate in some of the most remote locations in the world, regardless of the temperature, the altitude.

Some of the requirements and project challenges included:

  • Operators and personnel to work in laboratory for 2 shifts/day
  • Laboratory to be transportable via ship, rail, and truck
  • Operable within large temperature fluctuations (-40 C to +40 C)
  • Rated as Class II Div 1 electrical hazard zoning
  • Transport, set-up, and start-up to be performed without need of trades or ticketed personnel
  • Operate with no fuel delivery up to one week
  • Deployment on soft soil, with minimal bearing capacity
  • Full UL, CSA, and ISO certification


The laboratory was designed to be equipped with 4 work stations, facilitated with a compressed air, dust collection, ventilation, and equipment such as pulverisers, and crushes, and ovens. Faced with a number of challenges, Enginuity employed a number of unique solutions to meet project requirements and successfully delivered the project meeting all the requirements. Some of the work performed included:

Engineering & Design

  • Thermal analysis & HVAC design (ASHRAE requirements)
  • Dust Collection & Extraction (CSA requirements)
  • Power supply & distribution design (CSA specification)
  • System Envelope design and layouts (CSA & Building Code)
  • Equipment Selection & Specification
  • Structural design & modification
  • Compressed air supply & distribution
  • Tender & Engineering drawings
  • Fabrication drawings

Project Management

  • Technical & economical assessment
  • Project cost estimation
  • Tendering & procurement
  • Liability, operation, and safety-manual
  • Construction progressing
  • Commissioning & Testing
  • Quality Control



SGS Canada Inc.

Project Category:

Facility Expansion